Wort Organic International Pty Ltd

Wort Organic International Pty Ltd

Wort Organic has revived the art of brewing soft drink. Wort is handmade with 100% certified organic ginger from Queensland, Australia. It catches the hot sweet tang of the freshly squeezed Ginger (Zingibar officinale) root ensuring it keeps all its anti-bacterial properties. Wort Organic uses this golden root as a basis for all of their refreshing and functional soft drinks. It’s then hand-blended with other herbs that have restorative - healing properties.

Ginger is a medicinal root, commonly recognised as an alternative treatment for nausea, arthritis and heart disease. The organic ginger that we use is grown in Maleny, Queensland. They also use organically grown peppermint oil, fragrant flowers of the Chamomile plant and a secret blend of natural plant extracts and alternate healing herbs.

Their sugar free Lemon Myrtle organic drink uses xylitol which is an extract originally derived from Birch trees as an organic sugar substitute. Xylitol has been recognised in Europe for decades as having plaque reducing effects on your teeth, having less impact on a person’s blood sugar level and having one third less calories than sugar. The Lemon Myrtle drink is also gluten free.


Wort Organic International Pty Ltd
PO Box 382
Byron Bay, NSW 2481
Contact Info
(+ 61) 0407389824

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