Tatura Milk Industries Ltd

Tatura Milk Industries Ltd

Tatura Milk Industries Limited (TATURA) is a public unlisted company with shareholding held by supplying dairyfarmers. The company was established in 1907 and is located at Tatura in regional Northern Victoria, Australia.

From humble beginnings in 1907 with less than 100 tonnes of butter manufactured in its first year of operation, TATURA has grown into a fully automated modern complex with the ability to produce a wide range of dairy products to exacting specifications.

Today TATURA is supplied by approximately 330 dairy farms and processes approximately 450 million litres of milk each year. TATURA is a single site manufacturing complex with access to fresh, quality milk from best practice dairy farms. The majority of supplying farms are located within a 30kms radius of the factory, making it cost effective and allowing for efficient transportation of the milk.

TATURA manufactures quality Australian dairy ingredients for the global market. Approximately 70,000 tonnes of manufactured products are produced per annum using state of the art technologies and systems.

More than 60% of the total production is exported to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe.

TATURA aims to deliver innovative solutions to their customers, by supplying the highest quality nutritional products, ingredients and foods.


To provide profitable high quality dairy solutions and satisfaction to its customers through the innovation of its Dairyfarmers and employees.


To combine sustainable growth in shareholder wealth and leading milk prices through being an innovative dairy co-operative company.

TATURA plays a significant role in the local community. The company directly injects significant value to dairyfarmer/shareholders for milk supplied and to its 370 employees as wages. The company also is an extensive user of local contractors and support services. TATURA contributes to the Victorian economy as a major exporter.

With a worldwide demand for clean, fresh food, Australian dairy produce is becoming the preferred source of dairy ingredients around the world. Australia's competitive advantages are:

* Proximity to major markets such as Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Rim;
* Production at low cost high quality milk off extensively grazed improved pastures; and
* Latest technology in manufacturing plant.

The Australian dairy industry has reputation for the highest quality standards, superb quality products and innovative production techniques. Victoria's quality assurance practices are among the toughest in the world. Governed by Dairy Food Safety Victoria, dairy farms and processors are required to adopt internationally certified quality management systems and Victoria is the only state in Australia requiring pasteurisation of all milk used for manufacturing, as well as liquid milk. Victorian dairy farmers also regularly conduct in-shed quality testing and the monitoring of animal health.

To ensure that quality products and services are produced at all times by TATURA, a quality system has been implemented based on the ISO 9000 series. ISO 9001 is an accredited quality system and covers all areas of the factory including purchasing, product specification, manufacturing processes, job descriptions, training, operating instructions, calibration and maintenance, hygiene and sanitation and occupational health and safety.


Tatura Milk Industries Ltd, Australia
236 Hogan Street
Tatura, VIC 3616
Contact Info
+61 3 5824 6200
+61 3 5824 2534

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