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Spring Gully Olives is operated in conjunction with Springbrook Host Farm and the beef cattle enterprise in the South Burnett. The family has 12 acres of olive trees. The varieties planted allow for both oil and pickled olive production and include Manzanillo, Frantoio, Nevadillo Blanco, and Koroneiki. Whilst not being organically certified good farming practices ensure that the absolute minimum of chemicals is used. Spring Gully Olives participated in the National Olive Variety Assessment trial in conjunction with Adelaide University to determine the most suitable cultivars for Australian conditions.

Manzanillo olives ripe for harvesting. The oil is produced from their own processing equipment with the olives being crushed on the same day that they are picked to ensure the best quality oil. The oil is accredited through the National Olive Accredited Harvest (NOAH) programme. The olive products are produced at Springbrook using local and imported ingredients.

Olive Tapenade is a delicious spread made from olives with capers, anchovies, lemon, pepper and olive oil. Best eaten spread on biscuits or bread or used when roasting lamb or chicken, filling a cut in the meat before cooking. The word “tapenade” is derived from the word for capers in the Provencal French dialect.

Meslalla is a paste made from olives and Moroccan spices and is used in the same way as tapenade.

Marinated Olives: There are four varieties of marinated olives. Honey based with red wine vinegar, herbs and spices which call Honey. English Country Style is made with apple cider vinegar and English garden herbs. Moroccan is spicy with cumin as the dominant spice, and Mexican, with chilies is both hot and spicy. Once the olives have been eaten the marinade, with the addition of a little more extra virgin olive oil, makes an excellent salad dressing

Olive Relish is made with green olives and mixed with capsicum, garlic and anchovies and cracked pepper, the whole in olive oil and red wine vinegar. The recipe was made originally as a result of a request from their local Doctor; they now make it for everyone and it is very popular. Relish is best eaten with salads or a hot crusty roll or with a baked potato.

The olive press is an Oliomio and made in Italy. It is quick and efficient and produces beautiful oil.

Their Olive Oil is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin and they produce it in a jug shaped bottle which can be refilled. This is ideal for use on the table. The oil is also available in a conventional 500ml bottle. From the 2006 season the oil will be available in one litre casks and two sizes of pottery bottles. New season oil is strikingly fresh as well as having a well balanced aroma, bitterness and pungency.


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