Southern Meats Pty Ltd

Southern Meats Pty Ltd

Southern Meats Pty Ltd have strategically located their hi-tech abattoir in Goulburn NSW, the heart of Australia's finest sheep country. Goulburn is only two hours from Sydney's air and Seaports has a heritage steeped in the growth of Australia's famous golden fleece days. In the late 1860's, it was a bustling township serving as a commercial centre for a prosperous wool growing district.

Goulburn, today, remains an important rural cross-roads providing Southern Meats with prime export product from the surrounding sheep growing areas. Its proximity to Sydney ensures the company's Fine Brand range of processed lamb, sheep and offal are easily accessible to worldwide markets.

Like its product the privately owned Southern Meats Company is 'true blue' Australian. Company directors Nick Peters and Neville Newton grew up in the meat industry, clocking up some sixty years of combined experience.

This expertise is reflected in the way Southern Meats conducts its business. A new breed of Australian meat exporters, the company prides itself on its hands-on commitment to providing you, with not only the finest quality product but fast, efficient personalised service.

It is a philosophy that has already earned Southern Meats a successful reputation in the domestic market; where the company produces meat for local consumption from its abattoirs in Harden, manufactures smallgoods and operates a chain of quality butchers shops.


Southern Meats Pty Ltd
P.O. BOX 244
Goulburn, NSW 2580
Contact Info
61 2 48 240000
61 2 48 221913, 61 2 48 221085

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