Robern Menz (MFG) Pty Ltd

Image - Robern Menz (MFG) Pty Ltd

Robern Menz is one of Australia's largest confectioners and fruit processors supplying both domestic and international markets. Established since 1908, they are a fourth generation family business operating worldwide. Robern Menz is a fourth generation family business producing some of Australia's favourite treats. As South Australia's largest confectioner, Robern Menz produces such icons as Menz FruChocs, Menz Crown Mints, Medlow Fruit Gels and more. They also produce the Robern fruit Snacks range, featuring dried and Glace` fruit products.



Robern Menz (MFG) Pty Ltd (Head Office)
71 Glynburn Road
Glynde, SA 5070
Contact Info
+61 8 8368 7700
+61 8 8365 4766

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