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Tasty Bite Ready to Eat side dishes and meal solutions are perfect for a quick meal at home, a hot lunch at the office or out camping!

Preferred Brands Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of Preferred Brands International, an US based Food Company. Tasty Bite products are available in the Indian and Asian aisles of all major supermarkets in Australia. PBA is an importer/ distributor of Tasty Bite, a range of Ready to Eat Shelf Stable Food Products.

Tasty Bite products are packed in a retort pouch which seals in wholesome flavours and nutrients to ensure that the products retain their freshness, aroma, texture and taste. Once the pouch is opened, the contents are like freshly cooked food. Tasty Bite products are all natural without any additives or preservatives. They have a shelf life of 18 months without refrigeration.

Tasty Bite Meals are tested to withstand extreme temperatures and heights, from well below sea level to as high as the moon. From Everest with Indian Armed Forces to Antarctica, theirr products have travelled far and wide. They are extremely popular with campers, hikers, mountain climbers, sailing expeditions and desert safaris.



Preferred Brands Australia Pty Ltd
186 Grange Road
Fairfield, VIC 3078
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