Portobello Fresh Food Merchants

Portobello Fresh Food Merchants

Rhodes Foods Australia Pty Ltd was recently incorporated with the objective of offering a special range of quality food products to the WA market. They place specific emphasis on good food, presentation, consistency, and customer service. In June 2004 they acquired a family business, trading under the family name of De Paolis Pasta Products, and they used this as a launching pad for greater things to come. In May 2005 they acquired two further businesses, Pasta Kitchen and Portobello Fresh Food Merchants. This gave us greater exposure and the critical mass required to set about their business objectives. They have just moved into their combined premises in Malaga which has been totally upgraded in order to provide us with the facility which they need in order prepare and produce their food in accordance with the highest standards possible.

In the process of consolidating the businesses they have chosen to trade under one name, Portobello Fresh Food Merchants and this will be effective from 1st October 2005.

They now have an excellent mix of products and markets covering fresh and frozen pasta and meals to the, foodservice, manufacturing, and retail sectors. They are now rationalizing and upgrading their entire range with new product formulations and a whole new look. They always use the best quality ingredients, adding no preservatives or artificial colouring and their focus is on fresh, delicious, healthy food.

Portobello - Fresh Food Merchants is born out of a combination of Western Australian family businesses. They have a high degree of continuity of key staff members, and they have retained the values and the passion to make their business work. They continue to treat their customers with the same commitment and offer them the best quality products. Their focus on prepared meals is to offer the closest they can to a home cooked meal with the convenience of being ready to eat.

So from humble beginnings their mission is to build on these values and to become a force to be reckoned with in the preparation and supply of quality pasta products and fresh ready to eat meals.


Portobello Fresh Food Merchants
Unit 1, 252 Camboon Road
Malaga, WA 6090
Contact Info
+61 (08) 9248 7778
+61 (08) 9248 7779

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