PB Foods Ltd.

PB Foods Ltd

Fonterra Brands is a global ice cream and dairy company, based in Perth, Western Australia, producing leading consumer brands for Australia and overseas markets. At home in Western Australia the company trades as the Peters and Brownes Group, and is the single largest producer and distributor of frozen and chilled foods for the state.

Its food brands are familiar to many consumers. Peters Ice Cream and Brownes Dairy are household names to generations of Western Australians. The Cadbury Ice Cream range manufactured by the group for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, is also a favourite. The Connoisseur Super Premium Ice Cream range is another success story for the group.

Fonterra Brands employs more than 1200 people, and is one of the largest independent ice cream companies in the region, with locations in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and sales in excess of AUS$400million annually. In addition to its strengths in domestic markets, the company has also developed a significant export business for both branded and bulk, ice cream and dairy products.

Western Australian based for more than a 100 years. In 2001, the group strengthened its future expansion plans by forming a strategic alliance with New Zealand’s second largest dairy company, Kiwi Co-operative Dairies, who merged with New Zealand Dairy Group to form one of the world’s largest dairy entities, Fonterra Co-operative Group. In 2002, Fonterra obtained all shares in Fonterra Brands Ltd and merged it, along with Mainland Products Ltd and Bonland into Fonterra’s new Global Consumer Products Division, New Zealand Milk. In 2003 became part of a new entity called New Zealand Milk Australasia (NZMA), a subsidiary of New Zealand Milk.

The group’s success to date has been driven by its commitment to quality and service excellence, and its dedication to fostering continued growth in both domestic and export markets.

It is thought that the first man to eat Ice Cream was Alexander the Great, (356 – 323 B.C.) Back then, he had to send slaves into the mountains to fetch snow in order to make a basic refrigerator. Then, jars of cream, mixed with honey and fruit juice were put in it, and emerged the first “ice cream”.

In 1843 the manufacture of ice cream was made easy with the introduction of an ice cream machine in England and the USA. However, back in the 19th Century, ice was the key factor in manufacturing ice cream and ice was hard to come by! It had to be imported from Norway, Canada and America.

When mechanical refrigeration using gas and electricity was invented, the ice cream industry flourished. Massive quantities of ice were no longer required and it became possible to store and transport ice cream. Ice Cream quickly became the popular consumer product it is today.

Frederick Peters introduced ice cream to Australia in NSW in 1907. As it was impossible to transport the product all around the country without it melting, Frederick Peters set up in Perth under the name Western Ice Cream and made the first ice cream in WA in 1928.

Ice cream not only tastes good, it is also high in calcium which is good for building and maintaining healthy bones. Ice cream and dairy foods as a whole also contain many essential nutrients, vital for their well being.

Ice cream may also have cream added to enhance the creamy flavour and texture.

Ice Cream is a relatively high energy food containing about 5% protein as well as calcium and phosphuros.


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