O'Brien Brewing Pty Ltd

O'Brien Brewing Pty Ltd

O'Brien Brewing is a producer of premium gluten free beers, brewed from the finest ingredients available. Two O'Brien beers have won international awards for excellence.

Gluten Free does not mean taste free. Their beers are full-bodied, naturally brewed beers, using traditional craft brewing techniques. They are preservative free with no artificial colourings.

O'Brien Brewing Pty Ltd is the holder of Luquor Licence No. 36087767 - issued in the State of Victoria under the provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1993.

Their Beers have been described by Beer Judges and Master Brewers as:

* offering "a real choice, and the non-coeliac may not even notice it is a gluten-free beer";
* being "A classic Australian lager....anyone can enjoy this!";
* having "clean, dry fermentation character" and "pleasant hop character"; and
* offering "very good drinking"

O’Brien Brewing now has its own brewery and as a result O'Brien Brewing has total control of production.

They are the only totally gluten-free brewery in Australia and probably the world so there is no chance of cross contamination.

O’Brien Brewing is commited to continually developing and improving the quality of their multi-award winning beers, to bring you gluten-free beers that are superior to most beers that contain gluten.


O'Brien Brewing Pty Ltd, Australia
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Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
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