Golden Circle Limited

Golden Circle Limited

At Golden Circle they believe that family is everything. they pride theirselves on bringing quality products to families across Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Whether your family is big or small, old or young, far away or even furry. Its good to know they belong - they'll always belong.

Golden Circle began construction in 1946 with the first pineapples coming off the line in June 1947. The official opening was 28 October, 1947.

Golden Circle has been producing great tasting, nutritious food and beverages since 1947. So they've been part of families lives for a long time. On 19 December 2008, Heinz finalised the acquisition of Golden Circle and formally took ownership. A review of the Golden Circle business commenced on 5 January 2009, and it is expected that integration will take approximately 6 months.

Golden Circle manufacture over 500 products including shelf stable fruit and vegetables (in cans and glass jars), fruit juices fruit drinks, cordials, soft drinks, jams, conserves and baby food. Golden Circle is well known as a tropical fruit specialist, especially pineapple, although pineapple now only accounts for 20% of our product range.

Australia is the principal market for Golden Circle products, however, it exports to New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Western Samoa.

Golden Circle Chilled Juice is 100% Preservative Free, giving a fresher tasting juice for your family

Product Features

* No preservatives, no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours
* Popular flavours - orange no added sugar, orange pulp free, breakfast and pineapple
* Unique flavours - Vita A.C.E and Apple Mango Banana

To be a world competitive market-driven company, servicing their customers' needs with high quality value-for-money products, while having regard to shareholders' interests and ensuring satisfactory financial performance.

The Golden Circle brand is among the top 15 on Australia's supermarket shelves and is one of the most recognised Australian-owned companies. The company has been a significant contributor to the social and economic fabric of Australia for the past five decades. Since its beginning, the brand has been synonymous with providing families with high quality, value-for-money products. Golden Circle continues to support the lifestyle of Australian families with innovative beverages, meals and snacks.


Golden Circle Limited
260 Earnshaw Rd
Northgate, QLD 4013
Contact Info
+61 7 3266 0000
+61 7 3266 0789

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