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Australian Native Nuts & Chocolates Pty Ltd is an innovative chocolatier whose aim is to fuse the essence of Australian spices, native fruits and nuts, and flavours with premium chocolate coatings. Trading under the flagship brand of "Chocolate Grove", the result of this is a decadent and intense taste experience. Chocolate Grove strives to use high quality, native to Australia ingredients, such as native myrtles, wattle seed, macadamia nuts, berries, and confections, in combination with milk, white, and dark chocolate. They currently export to Asia, the Middle East and to the United Kingdom as well as serving the domestic market. From small beginnings, the product range has grown from 3 products to well over 40. The constraints to their market offering are only limited by nature’s offerings. They invite you to try these exotic taste sensations.

At Chocolate Grove Pty Ltd, chocolate is but a catalyst for creating new palate teasers. Exciting offerings abound as there are over 50 distinct fruits, nuts, and spices to experiment with. They also see that chocolate often complements the distinctive range of Australian confectionery products on the market.

Their confectionery range is based around locally produced jellies such as raspberry, strawberry, fruit salad, pineapples, mini bananas, and licorice. They also offer chocolate coated mild roasted coffee beans (Coffee Kicks) which are drip fed fine milk, white, or dark chocolate. In the case of white they add a further refinement with a dusting of cocoa powder. The result is a flavour not unlike a cappuccino coffee.

They also have a range of fruits covered in milk or dark chocolate, these include dates, apricot and ginger, freeze dried strawberries, raspberries, and cherries.

In addition to the "Vacation Packs" that are extremely sought after by tourists, their moulded product offering in white, milk or dark chocolate includes: Easter eggs in a range of foil colours (14gm,17gm, 25gm, 45 gm, 60gm, 100gm, 130gm, 180gm, 250gm, 350gm, 500gm and 1kg), "Rabbits" (500gm & 1kg) and "Santas" (250gm).


Chocolate Grove Pty Ltd
50 Aster Avenue
Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
Contact Info
61 3 9775 1888
61 3 9775 1667

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