Bidgeebong Wines Australia Limited

Bidgeebong Wines Australia Limited

Bidgeebong is an award winning winery located in Southern New South Wales, Australia. It produces high quality and distinctive wines from some of Australia’s newest and most diverse wine regions, Tumbarumba, Canberra, Hilltops and Gundagai.

The name Bidgeebong is a combination of Murrumbidgee and Billabong, two words derived from the language of the Wiradjuri tribe (‘river people’) who occupied much of southern New South Wales prior to white settlement. The Murrumbidgee River is the lifeline of this rich agricultural region. The Bidgeebong logo was designed by a member of the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal community and is an interpretation of the Murrumbidgee River, which according to tribal folklore, contains the spirits of two young lovers who drowned in the river when attempting to escape their two warring tribes.


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