Australian Gourmet Chestnuts

Australian Gourmet Chestnuts

Australian Gourmet Chestnuts was founded in 1998 by Brian and Jane who felt that to improve peoples enjoyment of this wonderful food it needed to be in a form that was easy to use. They were the first Australian growers to commercially produce frozen peeled chestnuts. These make including chestnuts in recipes such as chestnut soup, stuffings for the Christmas turkey and the famous Mont Blanc quick and easy.

In 2005 they commenced production of sweetened chestnut puree. It's like a chestnut jam and can be used anywhere that you would normally use jam. It is a great base for Nesselrode Ice Cream or simply folded through whipped cream and used to sandwich a sponge.

Then in 2006 the production of sweet chestnut flour commenced. Made from freeze-drying their frozen peeled chestnuts and then milling the dried nuts into flour this flour is fine and does not contain any of the brown inner skin that is so often found in other chestnut flours. It is completely gluten free.


Australian Gourmet Chestnuts
233 Hughes Lane
Eurobin, VIC 3739
Contact Info
(03) 5756 2788
(03) 5756 2002

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